fredag den 20. april 2012

Min nye ven

Meet Jacques

Jacques Schiraff.

He is french.

He speaks english with a (h)eavy french accent, smokes a lot of cigerettes which makes his voice deep and hoarse.

Jacques has suicidal tendenseese. Out of nowhere he becomes depressed. Then he says:

- I kill myself.

He has his good days too though. Then he wants to kiss. A lot!

- I want to kissss you, he says. Then he puts his head very close to mine.

- I kiss you! He says in a very demanding tone. And if I don't want to kiss (Jesus he can go on all day) his demanding tone becomes evil and he starts to whisper.
- Kiiiiiis me!
If I refuse, he wants to kill himself.

We have many short conversations like this.

- Why am I here Jacques?
- Because you are...

- yeah but what is the deeper meaning with my existence?
- Well eeeh... I dønt nø - I ‘m a Schiraff - kiss meeeee.

I like my new best friend.

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